Sunday, 29 June 2008

Open questions to the Swedish Politicians

Is my banking Secure?

I visit web shops which are protected by SSL. Can the FRA crack SSL?

  1. If the FRA can crack SSL then my web transactions are insecure
  2. If they cannot crash SSL then why do they bother to minitor my traffic (which is often encrypted by SSL)
How is this spying performed?

The FRA cannot just "spy" on me. They have to somehow physically intercept the cables that carry internet traffic. Exactly how is this done and where? - At the "nations border" (as is suggested in the law) - If I understand things correctly my ISP does this. Not at the nations border but probably in a cellar in Stockholm.

Exactly what spying equipment does my ISP have to install on their premises?

Swedish readers of this blog might like to ask their ISPs if they are spying on them. I have asked bredbandsbolag and not yet received a reply.

What is the environment cost of spying on me?

What is the carbon cost of storing an extra copy of my mail?
What is the carbon cost of spying on me?